Our popular iPALS (Internet Properties Automatic Listing System) has been undergoing a major work over.

For years iPALS has run as an external script that had little security, and ran completely outside of Joomla!. No any more. With the upcoming release of iPALS 3.0, iPALS will run completely as a native Joomla component.

The idea is that the component itself will be FREE to download.

However, the libraries that connect to RETS, translate the returned information, and insert into the database will continue to be subscription based.

Our development team is working hard on this project, now that Most Wanted Real Estate v2 has been released. We'll post more information, and perhaps some screenshots, once we get closer to completion.

NOTE: iPALS 3.0 will initially support our Real Estate component, Most Wanted Real Estate v2, but may support others in the future.